The Finance module helps you to create and manage the institution fee structure. The Admin or any Privileged Employee can access and create a fee structure in Campus 365.

Let us go through this process with the following example:

  1. Admission Fee
  2. Study Kit
  3. Transportation Fees
  4. Miscellaneous Fees

You will first need to create the fee heads by navigating to Finance > Fee Setup > Fee Heads.

Once the fee type is created, you will then need to navigate to Finance > Fee Setup > Fees Group to group Fee heads for a specific Course/Class. 

Let's say you want to collect the fees for Class 1. So you will create a fee group as Class 1.

After creating the Fee groups, we will now assign the Fee heads to the Fee group by navigating to Finance > Fee Setup > Fees Master

On the Fee Master page, select the Fee Group you have created, select the Fee Head, enter the amount, due date, fine value (if you want to collect the fine), and click Save

Once the Fee Master is created, we will now assign the Fee master to the students. You can do so by clicking on the assign button next to the Fee master we have created.

On the Fee master assignment page, search the students for Course/Class and checkmark all if you want to assign the fee to all the students and click on Save.

Once saved, navigate to Finance > Fee Collection > Collect Fee, search the student(s), and click on the Collect fee button next to the student for which you want to collect the fees.

On the Fee collection page, click on the + button to add the fee to the platform. If you'd like to generate the receipt of the fee before fee collection, simply click on the print receipt button next to the collected fees.

Note: If you collect fees on a monthly basis, you will need to create the fees head for each month.

You can also ask your Account Manager or our Support Team to help you in creating the fee structure for your institute.