Once an admission lead is created, you can take the following actions on the lead based on the information provided:

Note: To learn more about What are the different stages available with respect to lead management?, kindly click on the link.
  • View Lead: This window allows you to view every detail about the lead

  • Edit/Update: If you need to change anything about the lead, please use this option

  • Send Email: There is already a way to send an email to the lead

  • Send WhatsApp: You can send the WhatsApp notification directly if the WhatsApp templates are approved

  • Convert to Student: When you select this option, you will be taken to an admissions form where you can enter the student's information and enroll them in your instance

  • Print Receipt: If your institute collects registration fees, they can enter the amount manually while registering the lead or editing the lead. They can print the receipt once the amount is specified

  • Delete Lead: If a duplicate lead is created by mistake, you have the option to delete it

Note: With additional charges, Campus 365 provides integration with third-party cloud-based calling software. You can call the admissions lead you want to follow up with directly from Campus 365 by using cloud-based calling.