Admission Lead in Campus 365 is a prospect who has expressed interest to take admission to your institute. With Campus 365, you can capture your leads through your website’s sign-up form, email threads, appointments, call logs, Facebook and Google ads.

To add a lead, go to ERP > Reception Desk > Admission Leads > New Admission Enquiry

Finding your leads in Campus 365:

  1. From the Admissions Leads tab, you can sort the results and filter them, to see a list of refined leads.
  2. If you’d like to narrow your search results further, you can add filters of your choice and sort the leads by their lead source, enquiry date, next follow-up date, stage/status.

Lead details page:

  1. A quick glance at the details page of any lead gives you all the data you need to engage with the lead better.
  2. When you click on the view button under the actions column, you are directed to the lead’s details page. You can find all the lead’s information on this view.
  3. In this view, you can add the next follow-up date, phone call logs, and any additional notes of your conversion with the lead.
  4. Based on your interaction with the lead, you can select the Status/Stage of the lead respectively.