A user with  Super admin and Admin rights can configure the Notification settings of Campus 365.

To enable/disable the auto-notifications, you will need to navigate to Settings > Notifications.

In Campus 365, there are 13 events for which auto-notifications are being sent from the platform. These 13 events are:

  • Student Admission
  • Exam Result
  • Fees Submission
  • If a student is marked Absent
  • Login Credentials
  • Homework creation
  • Fees Due Reminders
  • Live Classes
  • Live Meetings
  • Forgot Password
  • Online Admission form submission
  • Online Admission fees submission
  • Admission Lead

Notifications are sent to users either through Email, SMS, or within Mobile App. You can control the different types of notifications that are being sent from the platform from this page. To understand more about notifications, let take a look at the example below:

Scenario: You would like to send an email and SMS notification to the guardians when their child is admitted to the school.

For this scenario, you will need to checkmark both  Email and  SMS for  Login credentials to send the welcome notification to guardians.
Following the scenario shared above, you can similarly checkmark  Email/SMS/Mobile App notification that you want to send for the rest of the categories.

Important Note: If you enable the SMS notification for any of the categories, make sure to keep the character count under 160 words. SMS notifications will exhaust the SMS credits.