The Campus 365 team highly recommends selecting the Campus 365 application that employs only Campus 365 cloud servers. This is due to:

  • Simple Installation

The application does not necessitate installation. This reduces the time it takes to install the application and lowers the client's technical staffing costs.

  • A lot of availability

Campus 365 makes sure the software is always available. We pledge a 99.9% uptime rate. We ensure that the downtime is nearly nonexistent by using servers that are optimized to accommodate School 365, College 365, and Ruby on Rails.

  • No Data Loss with Backup

You may host with Campus 365 Cloud without worrying about data loss. Your data is secure with us at all times. Twice a day, we take a backup of your data.

Note that: There is no mechanism to restore deleted records after 7 days.

  • Server maintenance

You won't have to pay anything for server upkeep. To keep the server operational, you do not need to hire a server administrator. We will take care of issues like verifying server log files, hard disk space, folder permissions, redundancy, etc.

  • Simple problem-solving and smooth updates

If the program is hosted on our servers, we could easily resolve any flaws that could occur or investigate the bug. You don't have to wait for our support staff to connect with you or offer your server login information. Simply submit a ticket outlining the problem, and we'll immediately look into it and get back to you.

  • Lower TCO

In real words, you will need resources like a server administrator and servers to run your own server. Alternately, you'll need to pay someone else to provide these services. At first glance, both possibilities can appear profitable. However, the work necessary to keep the resources in good condition will actually incur a lot of hidden expenses.

  • There's no need for extra infrastructure.

Server maintenance and installation do not require the infrastructure that is necessary. Concerning building an infrastructure to maintain your server, you don't need to worry about the cost.