Learning new software is always tricky and time-consuming and there is no easy or short-cut way to it. Just like how every relationship requires time and effort from everyone involved, learning the Campus 365 platform is also a journey made by both, the product and your institution. Campus 365 comes with 100s of features and even though it’s the most user-friendly software out there, it still needs the time to understand your institutions’ processes and data to provide the solution you are looking for. That will only happen if you help the Campus 365 platform learn so that it can help you understand your data. Please take all the time you can to go through these first few articles to get a complete understanding of how the Campus 365 platform is going to help your institution in the best way. 
Preparing your Institution for Campus 365
  • The first important task for any institution is to assign a key person or a team the responsibility of learning the platform. Usually, in our experience with a lot of institutions, we have seen that the institutes that make a team learn Campus 365, are the most successful. 
  • Make sure you register a free demo through our website and allow teachers and admins to get familiar with Campus 365. You can set up a free demo for your institution here https://www.campus365.io/contact-us/#contact-form
  • Campus 365 is an ERP, Enterprise Resource Planner, which means that the Campus 365 platform is a huge software and has the capabilities to run your institution completely online. The platform implementation generally takes a few weeks to a couple of months depending on the processes and data your institution has. This is done in many phases. 
  • The most important phase is “Data Entry”. Your institution will already have loads of existing data which could be in different formats, offline, online, etc. For a successful implementation of the Campus 365 platform, it would require your effort to gather all your institution’s data and enter it into the Campus 365 platform. For further details on importing data and the formats please reach out to Campus 365 support rockstars.
  • Campus 365 platform has multiple dashboards for multiple admins. For those admins who have access to all data, they will have access to a Campus 365 platform account panel, while the other admins, all the teachers, students, and parents would have access to the Campus 365 platform's dashboard. 
  • Campus 365 platform also comes with the option of either hosting on Campus 365's Cloud or a server that belongs to your institution. Both have different ways of implementation and for that please go through the article Different Versions: SAAS & Self-Hosting
  • While you are setting up the Campus 365 platform for your institution, it would be a great idea to understand the various workflows for different users i.e teachers, students, parents, and admins to be able to guide everybody in the institution to start using the platform. One of the best practices that our institutions follow is to take a printout of the workflow for different users and give them as handouts so that they can understand it better.
  • Campus 365 can be integrated with many other applications and services which your institution might already be using for eg SMS, EMail, Biometric integration, Bus tracking, Student tracking, etc. These can be done from the Campus 365 admin panel and with the help of Campus 365 support rockstars.