Campus 365 was originally created to enable academic institutions to automate their operations, manage their data, gain practical insights into everyday operations, and manage all their resources. Currently, Campus 365 is a one-stop solution for institutions, and in our experience, each of these institutions finds a variety of uses for Campus 365.

With more than 60 modules, Campus 365 is a very powerful method, and if you are unfamiliar with the ecosystem, you can find yourself overwhelmed. For the fullest overview of Campus 365 and the many procedures involved, we suggest that you carefully read the articles under "Getting Started with Campus 365."

These articles will clarify the steps you must take before and after implementing Campus 365 in your institution, the common misunderstandings and curiosities, and the workflow for administrators, teachers, students, and parents in your institution. Any additional questions can be answered by sending us a support ticket.

India-based software start-up Campus 365 Edu Net Private Limited created Campus 365 from the bottom up. For further details, check out our website at